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Hosting Uptime Guarantee

Cedarock Communications guarantees the websites we host on our servers will be up, running, and available to the world at least 99.9% of every month. Fact is, our sites have been running at 100% for years and years. The fine print:

If hosting is down for more than 0.1% in any month, that month's hosting fees will be credited to Client. Client agrees that Cedarock's total liability for downtime will not exceed that month's hosting fees. This guarantee only applies to hosting accounts that are paid and current, with no outstanding balances due.

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A Thousand Words
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"Having worked with Jim in the past, and currently working with him on a new venture, I am always amazed at his ability to deliver the highest quality product that constantly exceeds expectations. His creative problem solving skills are invaluable in a fast-paced marketing environment."
Dean Sjong, President
Contractor Strength, Inc.
Antioch, Illinois
web designer
author: Jim Connelly