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Every Cedarock-Built Website Includes...

If you are considering hiring another web development firm, make sure they provide the following items that are included with every Cedarock-built website. You might assume they will, but we see too many websites that lack these features:

  1. Low Maintenance Costs: A poorly built website will be expensive to change in the future. Cedarock builds sites in a manner that minimizes the time required to make future edits. Flexible XHTML/CSS allow fast changes (read: low cost maintenance).

  2. Contact Form: We are amazed that some people call themselves "web developers" and yet they don't know how to craft a contact form. Their contact pages only list an email address and a phone number. We install Cedarock Connect on every site we host.

  3. 31 Filters: Cedarock Connect includes 31 filters designed to protect you from spam, incomplete submissions, and other forms of contact form abuse.

  4. 301 Redirects: If you have an existing website, we will create "301 redirects" for any old pages that we replace. That way, the position you had on search engines will transfer to the new pages, any bookmarks visitors had to the old pages will redirect to the new pages, and you will maximize your odds of generating new business via your site.

  5. Lean XHTML/CSS: Want a fast loading website? One that loads nicely on mobile devices? Then you want an intelligently designed XHTML/CSS website. Low-cost web developers often don't know how to craft lean XHTML/CSS and their customers suffer for it. Cedarock builds lean XHTML/CSS websites using raw code.

  6. Semantic URLs: Instead of naming your new web pages generically (example: "domain.com/products") or with gibberish (example: "domain.com/index.php?p=324efg"), we always create web page names that are rich with keywords and mean something to human beings (example: "domain.com/products/acme-widget-model-1200"). It helps your search engine positioning, too!

  7. Favicon: Ever notice that some websites have a little icon, usually their logo, when you add them to your favorites list? That icon is a favicon and appears other places too. We always provide a favicon. Details matter.

  8. WWW vs. non-WWW Canonicalization: Wow, that's a big word! All it means is: does the internet think you have one website or two? Search engines penalize websites that have duplicate content. If your server shows your home page at "www.mydomain.com" and at "mydomain.com", the server is configured poorly. Properly configured servers — like Cedarock's! — automatically change all non-WWW requests to the WWW version to keep search engines happy and maximize the value of inbound links.

  9. Embedded Google Map: If you want visitors to know your physical location, we will create and embed a Google map of your location(s) on your site.

  10. XML Sitemap Creation: Search engines like hidden files called XML Sitemaps. These files list the location of every page on your site in a format that is engine-friendly. It speeds up the process of being added to search engines and maximizes the number of pages indexed from your site.

  11. XML Sitemap Submission: We submit every XML Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools (Bing also powers Yahoo's web search) so they can find your site quickly.

  12. Anti-Spam Email Links: If your site includes visible email addresses (and it should), we use code to reduce the risk of a spam robot detecting the email address and adding it to their mailing list.

  13. Captcha Security: You know those annoying "type the letters you see here" functions on contact forms? They drive us crazy too. But they are the only thing protecting the website owner from a flood of spam emails and/or form hijacks. Worst case scenario: you could receive thousands of automated form submission emails in one day, or your form could be used to send out millions of spam messages from your site. We provide your site with a "type the letters you see here" Captcha security system to protect you from those threats. The letters are easy to read and include "read it out loud to me" and "generate a new one" buttons.

  14. Polite Forms: Our contact forms only require a phone number OR an email address. In most cases, requiring additional input is a barrier to lead generation. We want visitors to give you a way to contact them without scaring them away. If they attempt to submit a form without a phone number of email address, your website will gently ask them: "Would you like us to reply by phone or email? Please provide at least one way for us to answer your request. Thank you."

  15. Google Analytics: We install Google's free website analytics tool for you. We will create a new, transferrable Analytics account, generate tracking code, and install that code on every page of your site.
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"Our experience utilizing Cedarock Communications has paid significant dividends. Our Cedarock-designed brochures, ads, and websites are eye-catching, easy to read, and clearly define our areas of expertise."
Victoria McGrath, President
McGrath Human Resources
Wonder Lake, Illinois
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author: Jim Connelly