Cedarock provides the following guarantees to demonstrate our commitment to being your trusted vendor and a valued member of your team, and to protect your investment.

Design Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand it can be scary to give a substantial amount of money to a new-to-you design firm. What if you don't like what the designer creates? What if you want changes made to the design? Will there be cost overruns? Will you be satisfied with the outcome? What if the designer turns out to be a jerk?

Cedarock is confident we will provide our clients with impressive, quality marketing tools they are proud to call their own. We guarantee that we will deliver a design that achieves your goals, meets your expectations, and is something you are proud to call your own. If you are not satisfied with the design, we will, at our discretion, revise as needed or provide a full refund. If we are unable to meet your expectations, your refund will include any down payment paid for design services minus any non-design services provided (such as a photo shoot).

We have never had to issue a refund.

This guarantee assumes your input, goals, and primary contact do not change during the project. Please understand that we can not honor this guarantee if a client changes the scope of the project after we begin the creative process, or if the primary contact changes before the project is complete. Once a client provides final approval on a project's design, this guarantee is fulfilled and expires.

Hosting Uptime Guarantee

Cedarock guarantees the websites we host on our servers will be up, running, and available to the world at least 99.9% of every month. The fine print:

If hosting is down for more than 0.1% in any month, that month's hosting fees will be credited to Client. Client agrees that Cedarock's total liability for downtime will not exceed that month's hosting fees. This guarantee only applies to hosting accounts that are paid and current, with no outstanding balances due.

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