Strategy & Consulting

It would be easy to assume Web Development is merely a little graphic design + some computer coding, but the most critical tasks occur during the Strategy Phase. Research and planning create a strong foundation for every successful project.

Client Interview

Cedarock meets your key personnel, tours your facility, and asks many questions so we understand your objectives, culture, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. We also review marketing materials you may have used in the past.

Competitor Research

We dive deep into the websites of (A) companies you say are your competitors, and (B) companies that appear in search results for your top keyphrases. You may not think of the latter as your competitors, but if they dominate Google in your space, they are taking business that could be yours.

Existing Website Audit

We comb through your existing website to understand your current position, tone, and identity while also identifying areas that need improvement.

Keyphrase Research

Keyphrases are the words your potential customers use in search engines to find the products or services your organization offers. Our tools allow us to discover hundreds of similar, related keyphrases and incorporate them in your new website for improved search engine optimization, lead generation, conversion, and traffic.

Site Architecture

We plan and map the ideal structure of your site's content with a focus on ease of use and search engine friendliness. This plan, or site architecture model, becomes the foundation of your website's navigation structure.

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