What is Cedarock's website production process?

1. Discovery

We visit you, tour your facility, meet key personnel, ask introspective questions of your team, record the answers, and identify your organization's strengths, audience, and goals. We identify & research your competition, your target audience, and target keyphrases.

2. Site Architecture Planning

We map out the ideal way to communicate the features and benefits of your organization, your products, and your services. We integrate lead generation tactics and search engine optimization.

3. Content Development

We register your domain name, create your hosting account, and then begin the content creation process. We compose the words, images, and resources for your new website, and we create new photos and videos as needed.

4. Design & Development

Using the research from the discovery phase and the plan from the site architecture phase, we design, code, program, assemble, and test your website.

5. Presentation

We give you a tour of your new website and leave you with private access to the site for a 2 to 7 day review. At the conclusion of the review period, you give us a list of all revision requests.

6. Revisions

We revise the website per your requests, then give you another look at the site. If it passes your review, we proceed to the launch phase. If additional revisions are required, we repeat this step as needed.

7. Launch

With your permission, we turn on your new website. If the new site replaces an older site, we create automatic redirects from the pages on your old site to corresponding pages on the new site so you don't lose any incoming traffic.

8. Ongoing Consulting

We keep an eye on analytics for you, point out new opportunities, and support ongoing digital marketing efforts.

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