Website Development

One of Cedarock's greatest strengths is our website development expertise. We work with raw code, not templates, and that means we can make your website do anything. No restrictions, no limitations, just pure creativity.

User Experience Design (UX)

If a website is easy to use, it has great UX. Focusing on User Experience means remembering that humans use your website, and they might not be as familiar with your subject matter as you nor as comfortable with websites as your website developer. Cedarock builds websites your mother can use.

User Interface Design (UI)

If UX makes websites useful, then UI makes them beautiful. It makes your website compelling, aesthetically pleasing, and fosters an emotional connection. Cedarock incorporates strong UI into every website we create.

Front-End Coding (HTML5, CSS3, etc)

Front-end coding is the "nuts and bolts" that makes your website look like a website. Intelligent coding also allows easy (i.e., inexpensive) future updates and responsive websites that play nicely with your user's preferred screen size.

Back-End Programming (PHP, mySQL, etc.)

Back-end programming integrates decisions and customization. Think: login functions, personalized user accounts, calculations, form processing, etc. We develop back end programming solutions that can make your website do anything, and we do so using open source solutions. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Database Powered Websites

Custom databases allow rich features such as user accounts, product catalogs, online review systems, blogs, and more. We build these solutions and customize them based on each client's needs.

Content Management Solutions (CMS)

CMS allow website owners to make changes to the content on their website. Cedarock's own SiteAssistor CMS is incredibly easy to use, completely customizable, only has the features and functions you need, is easily expandable in the future, and doesn't let you accidentally break the website. Learn more

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