What about future updates, edits, or maintenance?

Over the past two decades, we learned how to maximize the return on your website investment. In many cases, a full site CMS is overkill that increases cost, introduces complexity, and pushes the burden of making updates on you. For those reasons, we offer a hybrid solution.

With Cedarock's SiteAssistor CMS, you'll be able to add, edit, and delete content in frequently changing sections of your website such as: news, employment opportunities, photo galleries, events, coupons, files, "where to buy" data, hours of operation, etc. SiteAssistor gives you complete access to the elements you want to control, and zero access to the parts you don't want to break.

Cedarock can perform all other updates on a time-and-material basis. Updates are invoiced in quarter hour increments. Unlike other website firms, we do NOT require a one hour minimum. We encourage you to batch updates into one request because we can often complete multiple revisions in the same quarter hour and minimize your cost.

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