Website Hosting

Websites have to live somewhere on the internet on a computer with high speed bandwidth called a "host" or "web server."

Website Hosting

Cedarock hosts the websites we develop on a dedicated server that is faster than what you'll find at discount hosting providers. This approach allows us to build solutions without restrictions, install functions as needed, and make updates promptly.

DNS (Domain Name Servers)

DNS is like a phone book for the Internet. It's what tells the rest of the world where to find your website, where to send your email, and more. Cedarock provides free DNS management for our website hosting clients.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Google and Chrome penalize insecure websites. That means a "secure certificate" is required for every website. Other providers charge hundreds of dollars each year, but Cedarock provides a free SSL certificate for every website we host.

Domain Registration & Renewal

Whether we register the domain name or not, we track all of our client's domain name's expiration dates to ensure domain names never expire.

Email Hosting

Email is a complex animal that requires dedicated email experts. For that reason, Cedarock no longer hosts email accounts. If you do not have an in-house mail server, we can direct you to low-cost, high-quality mail solutions.

Google Analytics

We install Google Analytics on every website we build. Doing so allows both you and us to review website traffic and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Website Rescues

Did your web designer go out of business? Are they slow to respond? Are they unable to create what you need? Cedarock can help. We can migrate your website to our server, assist with domain name transfer, provide reliable website hosting, and take care of any website edits you need.

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