Content Development

Content — words, images, photos, videos, and files — is the heart and soul of a website. Content answers your audience's questions and feeds search engines. Content has the power to grow (or repel) traffic.

Content Writing

Cedarock excels at writing valuable content that is simultaneously reader friendly and search engine friendly. We craft words that create a welcoming, friendly ambiance while incorporating keyphrases that improve search engine optimization.

Graphic Design

Supported by decades of quality design experience, we create a design that appeals to your market. We never use templates; each of our custom, unique designs is handcrafted in Photoshop and Illustrator.


Cedarock can write, shoot, edit, and provide voiceover and graphics for your custom web videos.


We can enhance photos you provide, or we can shoot photos for your new website.


All of our work combines to establish your organization's brand identity. Careful attention is given to font selection, colors, whitespace, logo usage, consistency of message, etc.


Most of our clients provide logos, but we can create new logos for our website development clients. Note that we do not offer logo design as a standalone service.

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