Digital Marketing

After a website is launched, smart organizations invest in ongoing efforts to drive traffic, leads, conversions, and new business. Cedarock provides a variety of digital marketing solutions using organic and paid media. These services can be customized to your objectives, audience, message, and budget.

Online Profiles

We can establish a presence for you on major search & social networks, optimize those accounts, and upload consistent branding and keyword-rich descriptive text.

Online Reviews

If you offer stellar products and services, we can guide you through the process of earning great online reviews. Those reviews enhance your reputation and improve search positioning.


Cedarock can create thoughtful editorial calendars and craft engaging posts for your social media outlets.

Email Marketing

The easiest way to increase sales is to sell to people who have expressed an interest in you. Email marketing is an effective way to reach existing customers and prospective new customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To maximize your website's traffic, we employ the most current tactics to optimize your website for search. During a website build, we handle page-specific SEO. We also provide the option for ongoing SEO via regular content updates.

Local SEO

It can be difficult for local businesses to appear in local search results, especially if your target audience is not in your zip code. Cedarock has identified proven ways to solve that for you.

Landing Pages

Every advertising campaign should have a dedicated landing page. Landing pages contain targeted messages tailored to the campaign's target audience, include a lead conversion form, are trackable, and may feature a lead magnet.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are a carrot dangling in front of your target audience. They offer valuable information or tools in exchange for an email address or other contact information. Lead magnets could be videos, eBooks, checklists, and more.

Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing

For fastest results, consider a PPC advertising campaign. Cedarock can establish and manage your program for you.

Online Advertising

Search PPC is not the only way to advertise online. We can help you reach targeted audiences online via online advertising campaigns.

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