How much work will this be for me?

We understand you have no extra time to manage a new website build. Most of our customers are shocked to see how much we can develop without their involvement. For most clients, you'll only need to:

  1. answer easy questions during one early consultation
  2. provide existing digital assets such as logos, photos, PDFs, etc.
  3. review the beta version of your new website & tell us what revisions you need
  4. tell us when to launch your new website

Rather than show you vague sketches, confusing outlines, or cryptic wireframes, we build a complete website for your review. That makes it easy for you to say "I like this part a lot, but the wording on that part needs to be changed and let's swap out the photo with a better one." We guarantee you'll love our design work, and we include a round of revisions in every project.

We're able to do this because, during an early consultation, we will meet your key personnel, tour your facility, and ask many questions to make sure we understand your objectives, culture, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth. Then we conduct research, develop strategy, create content, and assemble the website for your review.

If your products or services are highly technical, you may need to provide additional content for us, but the vast majority of websites can be completed with very little involvement on your part.

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