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Annual Website Checkup

Your website is the most visible representation of your business on the planet. Doesn't it deserve a little love? When you enroll in Cedarock's Annual Website Checkup, an expert reviews your online presence annually and you receive five key resources:

1. WEBSITE AUDIT: Cedarock conducts our proprietary 100+ point audit of your site, seeking ways to improve as expectations and internet capabilities change.

2. METRICS REVIEW: We inspect your Google Analytics data to show you the 12-month traffic trend, referring sources, and other interesting information that can help grow your business.

3. KEYWORD RESEARCH: We generate lists of potential target keywords, identifying what the public seeks and opportunities to expand your online reach.

4. INTERNAL REVIEW: With you, we discuss how your company changed over the past year in an effort to discover new content topics for your site.

5. ONLINE COMPETITIVE REVIEW: We perform our proprietary Online Competitor Analysis to answer: Who are your online competitors? Which ones are winning the race? What tactics are they using? How many have optimized for search?

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A Thousand Words
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"Wanted to tell you what a dramatic change Cedarock has made for my business. I was nervous about spending a good chuck of money to get my website done and was considering doing it myself or having a friend do it for me instead. Well, I have to tell you that I do not regret choosing Cedarock. 95% of my clients view my website and the response is overwhelming. Cedarock is truly the definition of 'you get what you pay for'."
Dave Woll, Owner
Memory Makers Entertainment
Grayslake, Illinois
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author: Jim Connelly