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Cedarock Connect

No more basic website contact forms! We developed Cedarock Connect to help our clients generate new business. Based on nearly two decades of website development experience and feedback, Cedarock Connect is a sophisticated suite of integrated tools that perform advanced online lead generation and management tasks.

Features & Benefits:

  • detection ensures user provides at least a phone number or email address
  • sends form submission to your email address
  • sends "thank you" email to your customer, with summary of the submission (assuming customer provides a valid email address)
  • generates HTML-formatted emails including your logo, with plain text layout alternative
  • backup copy of the form submission is recorded at Cedarock
  • optional "additional info" email tells you:
    • what page they were on when they submitted the form
    • most recent date & time they visited your site *
    • first date & time they visited your site within the past two years *
    • where they came from (search engine, other website, etc) *
    • CSV file containing their submission (for inclusion in your CRM system)
    • their IP address
    • their browser and computer platform
  • increased security to minimize spam
  • filters detect abuse of forms, rerouting abusive submission to Cedarock for review
  • users can attach a file (optional)
  • can allow multiple file attachments (optional)
  • mobile device detection (mobile devices do not allow file attachments)
  • improved CAPTCHA system:
    • if code fails or expires, user is given a new code
    • includes option to generate a new code if user can't read the current one
    • includes "read the code to me" audio button
    • more difficult for spam robots to crack
  • if default text is submitted (i.e., "Your Name"), that text will not appear in email
  • can send form submission to multiple email accounts (optional)
  • can bcc form submission to multiple email accounts (optional)
  • flexible, secure form creation

* when possible / not blocked by third parties

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A Thousand Words
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"Cedarock's skills in web strategy, marketing and design allowed for accelerating our success while exceeding our sales goals. I have gone back to Cedarock for advice and discussions on positioning many times and have found them open, willing, and extremely helpful. Cedarock is extremely knowledgeable and able to define our needs and execute beyond our expectations."
Carl Alguire, Chief Executive Officer
Bernina International-Sewing Supplies Division
web designer
author: Jim Connelly