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Cedarock's Marketing Manifesto

Cedarock's Marketing Manifesto is much more than the typical "creative brief" or "what's your logo color" questions other web development firms ask. One of Cedarock's unique strengths is our ability to study your business, identify your strengths, and create your marketing message for you. We don't expect you to write the text on your site, nor do we expect you to do much heavy lifting.

Instead, we ask you a series of thoughtful and comprehensive questions. No one else has this list of questions. It's our own invention, created during 21 years of interviewing clients. The questions range from basic ("what's your phone number") to deep questions you may need to contemplate for a weekend before being able to answer.

Your answers combine to become the foundation of your company's Marketing Manifesto. They define who your company is, what you offer, what you stand for, who you sell to, and how you want to be perceived in the marketplace. The Manifesto helps to determine what value your company offers and why anyone should choose your company over the rest.

The "deep questions" pleasantly surprise our clients. No one expects a website developer to care so much, or to challenge a business owner to define their view of their company. Some have thanked us for asking these questions and forcing them to think hard about their business. The process not only makes a better website... it makes a better company.

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A Thousand Words
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"I would recommend Cedarock to anyone who wants a talented, gifted expert in web design. Our experience with Jim Connelly and Cedarock has been exemplary. Jim's creative understanding of our needs and his availability have created a website that we are very proud of."
Dr. Bobbie McKay
The Spiritual Health Center
Wilmette, Illinois
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author: Jim Connelly