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Online Competitor Analysis

Do you know your TRUE online competitors? When creating fresh content for a new site and optimizing for search engines, it helps to research the current competitive landscape. Who are your online competitors? Which ones are dominating search results? What tactics are they using? How many have optimized for search?

Cedarock created Cedarock Reconnaissance, a proprietary tool, that helps find the answers. The results can be surprising.

To find your online competitors and rate their success, we first conduct keyword research. This research identifies terms potential buyers use at search engines when seeking a company like yours. Our systems check the top ten Google search results for each keyword. Then, we use Cedarock Reconnaissance to compile and interpret the results. Cedarock Reconnaissance will tell you:

  • how many online competitors you have
  • who appears in search results most often
  • where you appear relative to your competitors
  • number of appearances each competitor has
  • percentage they appear in results for all keywords
  • weighted rankings for each competitor

We always ask new clients "who are your top competitors?" Clients usually provide a list of 3-5 local companies who provide similar services who may or may not have a findable, useful website. But in today's marketplace, buyers find suppliers online. That means your most important competitors are the companies that appear in the top ten search results at Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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A Thousand Words
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"Cedarock's skills in web strategy, marketing and design allowed for accelerating our success while exceeding our sales goals. I have gone back to Cedarock for advice and discussions on positioning many times and have found them open, willing, and extremely helpful. Cedarock is extremely knowledgeable and able to define our needs and execute beyond our expectations."
Carl Alguire, Chief Executive Officer
Bernina International-Sewing Supplies Division
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author: Jim Connelly