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Cedarock Site Assistor CMS

SiteAssistor is a set of Content Management System (CMS) tools created by Cedarock. SiteAssistor allows our clients to easily manage content on their own websites without waiting on us or paying a web developer to make the updates. Because we are the maker of SiteAssistor, we can customize it in any way you need, and we can combine multiple modules to accomplish unique goals. We do not build complete sites out of SiteAssistor; rather, we embed SiteAssistor in content areas where we anticipate frequent updates.

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SiteAssistor Galleries
The Galleries module allows super-easy photo gallery management. Upload photos through an easy-to-use, password-protected interface. The system will automatically resize the image to fit on the website and create a thumbnail image. Clients can drag photos to change the sort order, add captions, or delete any image at any time. The public photo gallery includes a contemporary "lightbox" feature that allows visitors to click any image to enlarge it.

SiteAssistor Coupons
The Coupons module makes it easy to add, change, or delete as many online special offers as you want. Each offer includes a headline, description, coupon code, and an expiration date. Expiration dates can be fixed, variable (example: 14 days from the current date), or perpetual (never expires). Expired coupons do not appear on your site, but they do appear in the admin panel in case you want to reintroduce the offer in the future.

SiteAssistor Reviews
The Reviews module allows visitors to write reviews for your products, services, business units, listings, etc. Submitted reviews are held for moderator approval before being published. Reviews can be integrated with our Ratings module below for a complete review/rating system.

SiteAssistor Ratings
The Ratings module allows your website visitors to rate products, services, articles, listings, photos, and any other element on your site that you wish. Rating settings can be customized or based on the default 5-star rating system. Rating results are instantly updated, appear in real-time, and are limited to one rating per visitor per item.

SiteAssistor Events
The Events module is a great way to list date-specific events. Events can be output as a list or calendar format. Expired events can be automatically deleted at 11:59pm every night.

SiteAssistor Classifieds
The Classifieds module allows your site's visitors to add, edit, hide, and delete listings in various categories on your site. Submitted listings are held for moderator approval before being published. Listings can be automatically de-listed after "X" days and are automatically erased after another 30 days.

SiteAssistor Users
The Users module allows your site's visitors to create and manage unique user accounts. These accounts allow us to personalize their experience on the site, communicate with each user individually, and ultimately build stronger relationships.

SiteAssistor Files
The Files module gives our clients an easy way to upload PDF forms, owner's manuals, parts lists, drawings, newsletters, etc without using FTP or HTML.

SiteAssistor Text
The Text module is the most frequently used module. With it, you can edit text on your website immediately. We can implement SiteAssistor Text when we anticipate frequent updates (news, employment, etc).

SiteAssistor Links
The Links module allows you to create a list of links. It is an easy way to manage a list of recent press or helpful online resources.

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"I must admit I was skeptical when Cedarock introduced us to Search Engine Optimization. Now here we are a year later and I wish I would have started sooner. Leads and RFQ's are up so much I can barely keep up with the quoting. I do not understand everything about SEO, I just know it works, and would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants their website to start working for them."
Chuck Thudium, Chief Executive Officer
AT Precision
Northbrook, Illinois
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