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Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow website owners to add, change, and delete content from their site without relying on a web developer or programming knowledge. CMS can be a terrific tool.

But they can also be a nightmare. Advanced CMS solutions are complex and not easy to master. And, crafting content is sort of like driving a car. It's easy to do once you learn how, but isn't something you should try without training.

With that in mind, we have evaluated dozens of CMS products and offer two:

SiteAssistor: SiteAssistor was developed in-house by Cedarock. It allows site owners to manage selected portions of their site easily. SiteAssistor can be customized to allow custom content, layouts, and features.

WordPress: WordPress is a popular, open source CMS solution. Some developers build entire sites using it, but we feel WordPress is best used as a blog (which was WordPress's original purpose). We can seamlessly integrate WordPress into our clients' sites, allowing them to publish frequent content and even schedule publish dates in advance.

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