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Input Gathering

Building an effective, findable, lead generating website isn't easy. But it doesn't have to be hard on you. At Cedarock Communications, we have developed systems and checklists that allow us to do the heavy lifting for you:

Marketing Manifesto
Cedarock has developed a series of thoughtful questions that we ask each client. Your answers to these questions combine to become the foundation of your company's Marketing Manifesto. They define who your company is, what you offer, what you stand for, who you sell to, and how you want to be perceived in the marketplace. The Manifesto helps to determine what value your company offers and why anyone should choose your company over the rest. read more...

Competitive Research
Cedarock researches your online competitors to evaluate what they do well, what their weaknesses are, and define the overall landscape of your industry's online marketplace. We can also provide an Online Competitive Analysis report.

Keyword Research
Often, the keywords a client uses to describe their company are not the same as the phrases your target audience uses at search engines. Cedarock conducts keyword research to identify relevant keywords that should be targeted in your site's content. read more...

Website Audit
If you have an existing website, Cedarock can audit the site to identify strengths and weaknesses. We check more than 100 elements! read more...

Asset Compilation
We collect copies of your existing, relevant marketing assets, including logos, photos, videos, manuals, drawings, etc. We maintain copies of these assets in our office and also offsite, ensuring you will not need to be the asset librarian on a day-to-day basis, and also providing an offsite backup of your valuable marketing assets.

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A Thousand Words
Pictures are worth a thousand words, so take a look at the images in our portfolio!

"You have done an excellent job capturing our story and targeting our audience. Let me know if you ever need a reference, I'm happy to give you one."
Tim McGrath, President
McGrath Consulting Group
Wonder Lake, Illinois
web designer
author: Jim Connelly