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High quality photography is an extremely important element of online communication. Creative angles, cropping, and proper lighting show products and people at their best.

Cedarock can use your photos, provide royalty-free stock images, or conduct simple photo shoots, professional studio shoots, and location shoots.

We can also retouch photos, outline products (to remove the background), and crop to fit your website's design. Hint: Panoramic, cropped shots are highly useful for web layouts.

Value of Photography

Quality Photos Communicate, Improve Image

Professional photography shows your product in the best possible manner. A smart way to maximize the ROI of a photo shoot is to shoot individual products on a white background.

This approach lets a graphic designer change the background and bring multiple products into one image as needed.

The first two photos at left are actually the same photo, but with different backgrounds that were added years after the original photo was shot. We were also able to add an additional photo to the second image, which includes a large area above for copy and branding.

The last photo is an unprofessional photo from a cheap point-and-shoot camera. See the differences?

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A Thousand Words
Pictures are worth a thousand words, so take a look at the images in our portfolio!

"I would recommend Cedarock to anyone who wants a talented, gifted expert in web design. Our experience with Jim Connelly and Cedarock has been exemplary. Jim's creative understanding of our needs and his availability have created a website that we are very proud of."
Dr. Bobbie McKay
The Spiritual Health Center
Wilmette, Illinois
web designer
author: Jim Connelly