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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of building a web page that is most relevant for a given topic or keyword. Cedarock optimizes every site we build. Note that SEO is not something that happens overnight. It is also not a trick designed to fool search engines. SEO happens when a website provides useful information that a target audience seeks.

The goal of SEO is an increase in traffic from search engines and an increase in leads generated by the site. SEO requires research, planning, strategy, and implementation.

The ultimate measures of SEO success are: number of leads generated, and traffic from search engines. Cedarock Connect allows us to measure the number of leads generated. We measure traffic by looking at Google Analytics, specifically: unique visitors per month, new visitors per month, pageviews per month, and traffic sources (number of visitors from search engines).

Because Cedarock has built a search engine, we understand how engines work. We conducted extensive R&D and engage in continuous education to stay aware of current changes in the industry.

Examples of Cedarock's SEO campaign results:

Ongoing SEO Campaign

small biz goes from 0 to 67 leads/year

Before Cedarock's SEO campaign, this website generated zero leads and only attracted 850 visitors per year. Cedarock replaced the site, conducted extensive keyword research, competitor research, content research, and continues to perform SEO on monthly basis. We add valuable, new content continuously. Last year, the site attracted 6,128 visitors and generated 67 valid* leads. The most recent month attracted 1,116% more visitors than the first month.

GREEN: page views · RED: unique visitors

New Site Launch

1,195% traffic increase

We recently replaced a client's website that struggled to attract 20 visitors a month. Cedarock conducted keyword research and competitor research, interviewed the client extensively, composed new articles revolving around relevant keywords, and crafted a new web site for the client. This chart shows page views and visitors for the site before and after the new site launched. In month two, the new site attracted 239 visitors (a 1,195% increase) and continues to rise rapidly.

GREEN: page views · RED: unique visitors

Ongoing SEO Campaign

583% more leads per year

An old website had a steady number of monthly visitors: 80 per month. Cedarock rebuilt the site and performs ongoing SEO services every month. This chart shows the steady increase in unique visitors and page views. But the most important measurement is the number of leads generated. The site used to generate less than a dozen valid* inquiries per year, but generated 70 last year with SEO.

GREEN: page views · RED: unique visitors

Hiring an Inexperienced Web Firm

78% drop in traffic

A client decided to mix things up. They hired another company to take over the SEO campaign Cedarock previously managed. Because Cedarock continues to host the site, we have access to the site's traffic statistics. We are sad to see that the new site resulted in a dramatic reduction of traffic and leads. They went from appearing in Google search results more than 750 times every weekday to an average of 160 times. That is a 78% drop in traffic, or 153,400 search result appearances per year.

BLUE: appearances in Google · RED: clicks from Google

* "Valid" leads exclude low value inquiries such as small orders, job seekers, and spam.

There are many degrees of optimization possible. Every page we create uses semantic URL's, keyword-rich title and headline tags, and search-friendly copy. We refer to this as "basic SEO."

Larger SEO budgets allow what we call "advanced SEO." Advanced SEO generates more content development, preferably on an ongoing basis. The more relevant, useful content your site contains, the more chances you have of a search engine connecting your website content with a buyer's search.

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