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We have yet to meet a client who was excited to write their own copy — words — for their website. When they try, most folks don't know where to begin and quickly become overwhelmed and intimidated.

On top of that, modern website copywriting must take into account the value of target keywords, search engine optimization, site architecture navigation, calls to action, brevity, tone, a keen focus on benefits, and the website's design possibilities.

Effective copywriting develops an emotional connection with the reader and convinces them there is more value in the product offered than there is in the money they would give up in exchange for the product itself. People do business with people. Your copy should have a personable, friendly, trustworthy, and informative quality. It should sound like a helpful person.

One of Cedarock's greatest strengths is our ability to translate our clients' capabilities into effective web copy. We gather input and compose copy for you. Most other web developers lack that capability.

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A Thousand Words
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"Jim at Cedarock has done a tremendous job on our Sequoit Pride website. He has enabled our booster organization to publish our news, activities, upcoming events, etc. We have grown in membership and a very large part of that comes from the hard work and commitment Jim has put into this project."
Rosemary Helgesen, Volunteer
Sequoit Pride Booster Club
Antioch, Illinois
web designer
author: Jim Connelly