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A successful website design must have what we call The Four Abilities:

Your site needs to be easy to find. If you have a beautiful website that can't be found through search engines, directories, social media, and other inbound links... all you have is an expensive trophy in a case.

After someone finds your site, it has to be easy to use. It must offer intuitive design, simple navigation, consistent design, and a clear call to action on every page.

Your website must answer the visitor's questions. Offer more than the basic "established in... we are committed to customer satisfaction... etc" If you are an HVAC contractor, offer articles like "Top 3 Reasons Your Furnace Needs a Tune-Up" and "How to Select a New Air Conditioner Unit for Your Home". Content like this (A) educates the customer, (B) creates a feeling of trust by volunteering free information, and (C) gives search engines more content to index, increasing your odds of being found.

Your site needs to convert visitors into leads. Include prominent contact information, a clear and valuable offer, an online "request a free estimate" form, and a working email address. Give the visitor many ways to connect with you, and make it easy. Our goal is to pass the baton to you, giving you information from an interested buyer, and letting you run with it.

We incorporate these Abilities in every new site build by conducting a comprehensive process. We interview our client, determining their competitive advantages, unique qualifications, target audience, and goals for the site. We audit their existing website. We review their competitors websites, conducting competitive research so that we understand the client's industry, trends, and competitor's online strengths and weaknesses. We conduct keyword research to determine what terms their target audience uses to find them online. Then we create custom content, embedding keywords in key locations. Optionally, we can create new literature, conduct photos shoots, and develop videos.

After the content for the site is complete, we design a site that uses best practices, will be easy to maintain, is aesthetically pleasing, and allows all Four Abilities. We assemble the site, merging content and design into one. We add custom programming as needed (perhaps a search engine or a content management system). And we embed Cedarock Connect for lead generation management.

Our client has the opportunity to review the new site in its entirety before it is launched to the public. We include a round of revisions in our all-inclusive pricing. We also include a Design Guarantee which says we will provide you with a design you are happy to call your own. If we fail to do so, the Guarantee says we either go back to the drawing board or we refund your deposit. Our success rate is 100% — we have never had to issue a refund.

This process requires labor, and therefore we are not the lowest priced provider. However, we know what it really takes to build a successful website that generates new business. Over the years, we have inherited or rescued sites that were built by lower-cost providers. Those sites were loaded with problems, were expensive to maintain or edit, and the low-cost developer always went out of business. We understand the desire to keep costs low, but we strongly caution you against going with an uneducated, inexperienced, low-cost provider. You will end up spending more money on your site overall if you go that route vs. doing it right the first time.

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A Thousand Words
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"Jim was fantastic to work with! Our previous web company stopped responding to us and we were stuck. When we reached out to Cedarock, Jim responded quickly, resolved our issues much faster than we expected, to our complete satisfaction. He also found and eliminated several broken links that were useless to our customer base, and he fixed applications on our site that were broken. Thanks again Jim. Looking forward to your future help and website design improvement recommendations."
David Neilson, Owner
Neilson-Phillips Insurance Services
Rocklin, California
web designer
author: Jim Connelly