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Low Cost Web Developers: The Outcome

Ever notice that you didn't know what you didn't know until it's too late? You're not alone. We have conducted an alarming number of "website rescues" lately. Stuck website owners contact us begging for help. We're always happy to help, but we are frustrated to see so many people taken advantage of, or forced into a bad situation. If you are considering a low-cost provider, consider these real-life stories of what happened to others who made that poor decision:

Blacklisted by Comcast
A vacation rental destination's website was hosted on a server that was blacklisted by Comcast. The website became unreachable to Comcast's 18,000,000 internet users. The site owner called Cedarock and we were able to grab a copy of the website, migrate the site to our server, and assist with the domain name transfer.

$40,000 Error for 6 Weeks
A homebuilder had a website that included "phase one" home prices. When prices increased by $40,000 for phase two of the housing development, the website developer couldn't find time to make the simple change for 45 days! Cedarock rescued that site and has since installed SiteAssistor which allows the client to make those updates immediately.

Daughter's Boyfriend's Friend Built the Site
A business owner came to Cedarock with a tangled mess of a half-done website. He thought he found a great deal by hiring his daughter's friend to build his new site for less than $400. He also planned a large Valpak mail campaign to direct his target market to the new site. Four days before the mailing was to drop, he realized the site was never going to be complete. He called Cedarock and requested emergency assistance. We cleaned up the site, added his content, and had the site live in time for the mailing.

Web Developer Vanished
A medical company hired a web developer who was known to outsource his work overseas. The developer acted as a middleman, finding work, taking money, and having low-cost laborers construct sites with no knowledge of the client's business. One day the developer unexpectedly closed his web development business, his house was foreclosed, and he moved to another state to live with his parents. He did not return phone calls or emails. The medical company could not make changes to its website, and more importantly, did not know how to gain control of their site and domain name. Cedarock grabbed a copy of the site and worked with their domain name registrar to transfer the domain. We now host their site, make website edits when needed, and manage their direct mail and related marketing efforts.

Bandwidth Exceeded
A local pizza place had a three-page website. Because it served a very small geographic radius and had virutally zero content, it would never consume excessive bandwidth. Yet, the site would disappear for about 20 days every month, showing only a "bandwidth limit had been exceeded" notice. The web developer didn't know how to fix the problem. Cedarock migrated the site to our servers and has since developed a new site.

Do-It-Yourself Disaster
A cabinetry company tried two different "make your own website" resources online. Both resources promised "design it your way" and "easy to use" and "free support." The cabinetry company left both resources disappointed. They discovered that "design it your way" meant "change the color of the header" but did not mean "embed your logo in the header." "Easy to use" meant "click on a confusing path of five screens to make a simple change." "Free support" meant "use an online form and wait 24-72 hours for a response, or call and wait on hold for an hour." They finally gave up on DIY and committed to paying a professional to get the job done. Cedarock was happy to assist.

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"Jim at Cedarock has done a tremendous job on our Sequoit Pride website. He has enabled our booster organization to publish our news, activities, upcoming events, etc. We have grown in membership and a very large part of that comes from the hard work and commitment Jim has put into this project."
Rosemary Helgesen, Volunteer
Sequoit Pride Booster Club
Antioch, Illinois
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author: Jim Connelly