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Cost Comparison

You have options when it comes to hiring a web developer. The following chart compares Cedarock with other resources you might consider.

What Comes With Various Price Points:

we rescue these! we rescue these!
price $ $$ $$$ $$$$
cost of future updates $ $$$ $ $$
ease of future updates limited difficult easy easy
your contact email-based "support" the owner/developer the owner/developer an account executive
effort on your part extensive extensive low low
who provides content (text, photos, etc) you you Cedarock agency
customization none limited fully custom fully custom
features (photo galleries, contact forms, blogs, etc) few limited anything you wish anything you wish
design quality poor entry level high quality high quality
search engine optimization options not available limited extensive extensive
able to write raw code no no yes yes
online competitor analysis not available not available yes maybe
marketing manifesto not available not available yes not available
cedarock connect not available not available yes not available
print design capabiltiies no low quality yes maybe
open since 1996 no doubtful yes maybe
15 things included no no yes maybe
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A Thousand Words
Pictures are worth a thousand words, so take a look at the images in our portfolio!

"Thanks Jim, it has been a pleasure working with you. I don't think you could have made building our website any easier and we really appreciate it."
Megan Price, Partner
McNelly Services, Inc.
Lake Zurich, Illinois
web designer
author: Jim Connelly