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Employment / Internships

Currently, we do not have employment openings nor internship opportunities. If someone is crazy enough to express an interest in an unpaid internship, we would consider it. The only person we know who was silly enough to accept an unpaid internship is... Jim Connelly. While a college student, our founder contacted select firms and offered his labor free of charge in exchange for the chance to gain real-world experience. The experience he gained opened the door to a high-profile, lucrative job less than one year later when he became the youngest manager hired for a nationwide event marketing campaign promoting a Fortune Five company. If you are as crazy as Jim, introduce yourself.

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A Thousand Words
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"Despite a lackluster economy, we enjoyed a 10% increase in gross revenue last year. Thank you for helping us with this achievement!"
Susan Romanchek, Owner
Peshtigo River Vacation Rentals
Lake Forest, Illinois
web designer
author: Jim Connelly