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Return on Investment

For a fraction of the cost of an additional salesperson, your website can reach interested buyers at the precise moment they have a need. What would it cost to hire a sales team that works 24 hour a day and magically appears in front of interested buyers at the very moment they want to purchase? No other form of sales & marketing comes close to the Return On Investment (ROI) of a properly developed website:

SALESPERSON $60,000-$200,000 annual cost
PRINT AD CAMPAIGN $8,000-$100,000+ annual cost
DIRECT MAIL CAMPAIGN $6,000-$120,000+ annual cost
YELLOW PAGES $4,000-$200,000+ annual cost
WEBSITE one-time investment of $6,000-$20,000+

Most sales & marketing efforts require high cost, recurring investments. A search-optimized website has a substantially lower cost and a much longer shelf life. Instead of paying recurring labor, ad space, or postage costs every year, smart business owners invest in a well-built website that lasts for many years.

Think about it. How many times have you bought something as a direct result of receiving a cold call from a salesperson, seeing an ad in a magazine, or receiving a postcard in the mail? And how many times have you sourced or purchased something as a direct result of a Google search?

Today's buyer goes to search engines first. That means it is imperative that you have a website that includes The Four Abilities.

Before you decide to build your website yourself or hire a low-cost developer, consider the lifetime return of what will be your organization's most visible communication tool. To get started on a traffic generating website, contact us today.

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A Thousand Words
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author: Jim Connelly